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With the CBRS initiative opening up spectrum for shared commercial use, new users such as enterprises businesses, MNOs, and venue owners will seek to capitalise on the benefits of novel applications and use cases offered by a CBRS based Private LTE network.

This whitepaper, co-authored by Communication Technology Services and Ranplan Wireless, provides an overview for a successful CBRS based Private LTE Network deployment. It discusses considerations such as the need for Spectrum Management, the private LTE network infrastructure, the CBRS device ecosystem, industry verticals and use cases. Three CBRS-based Private LTE network planning case studies are presented, including a hotel, an urban campus, and a stadium, modelled and simulated with Ranplan Professional®, the world’s leading network planning platform for any CBRS-based private LTE deployment scenarios such as indoor, urban outdoor, and joint indoor-outdoor.

Summary of Content

  • CBRS Spectrum and Management
  • Private LTE Network – Infrastructure
  • CBRS Device Ecosystem
  • Industry Verticals and Use Cases
  • Private LTE Network Deployment Case Studies
    • In-Building DAS for Hotel
    • Private LTE Small Cells for Campus
    • Stadiums