Welcome to Ranplan Professional 6.0

Simplify design
Design more efficiently
Complete predictions in less time


When designing true heterogeneous networks, both technology and the built environment are becoming increasingly complex, introducing potential bottlenecks into the design process.

With Ranplan 6.0 we have laid the foundations for a new platform which we believe will enable the continued situational agility and flexibility required to design, optimize and manage modern connectivity systems quicker, easier and with less idle time than previously thought possible.

New in Ranplan 6.0

  • New core framework enabling future cloud centric enhancements
  • New propagation engine – Maxwell
  • Usability enhancements
  • HetNet design enhancements
  • Enhanced technology support

Coming to the Ranplan cloud platform in 2020:

  • More usability improvements
  • More prediction speed improvements
  • More HetNet Design Enhancements
  • New approach to digital system modelling
  • New approach to digital system modelling
  • Big Announcements to come!

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