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Ranplan Tablet offers RF design capabilities for onsite design engineers to carry out site surveys, run predictions and provide quick designs, reports and quotations. This tool is designed for those on the go and can work in environments without internet access.

Customer Value:

Onsite RF Planning

  • Tablet based site survey RF planning and installation tool
  • Easily imports data from multi-vendor test and measurement tools
  • Enables on-site survey, including annotation, insert text, photo, voice and video
  • Supports multi-building environments

Fast prediction and automated design

  • Generates statistics and analytics based on measurement campaign data
  • Rapid generation of onsite coverage and capacity RF planning and optimization for HetNet environments
  • Automated design capabilities for non RF engineers

Pre-sales and one click reporting

  • Users can easily produce quotations and reports based on basic inputs enabling sales team to quickly generate estimates
  • Access to predefined data templates for costs and regulatory requirements.