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When involved in a project such as a building, stadium or shopping centre, customers need to be confident that the tools they deploy to plan and design wireless networks take into account both the indoor and outdoor environment.

Ranplan Professional simultaneously models both indoor and outdoor environments and propagation interactions between them.

Customer value

  • Vendor neutral compatibility making it easy to import and export files
  • 3D visualisation of outdoor building, terrain, and clutter data support
  • Generates full 3D multi-resolution prediction results
  • Full 3D visualisation of the built environment and performance metrics
  • Multi-layer network interference analysis
  • Capable of modelling key components of the HetNet and their interactions: hybrid indoor/outdoor, macro, small cell, DAS and backhaul, 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE/LTE-A, Wi-Fi and 5G technologies
  • Wi-Fi 11ac standard features
  • Supports M-MIMO upto 256*256 and multiple file formats
  • Support of CoMP and ICIC
  • Comprehensive materials database and extensive components library.


  • Indoor & Outdoor

    Ranplan Professional can simultaneously model both the indoor and outdoor environments and the complex propagation interaction between both environments providing a true picture of the HetNet performance.

    • Indoor only
    • Indoor => Outdoor (leakage)
    • Outdoor only
    • Outdoor => Indoor (ingress)
    • Users are able to design, plan and optimize outdoor and indoor wireless networks in co-ordination.
  • Coverage & traffic capacity design and analysis

    Ranplan Professional is a capacity planning and QoE tool:

    • 3GPP standard compliant dynamic system level simulator capable of evaluating real world user QoE, including throughput, SINR, delay. Additionally, maximum concurrent small cell users can be modelled
    • Ability to model and evaluate both uplink and downlink system performance, especially important for bi-directional WiFi and multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO).
  • Automatic optimisation

    Ranplan Professional is used for intelligently planning and optimizing different Radio Access Technologies indoor and outdoor.

    Intelligent Cell Optimisation (ICO)
    Automatic AP location allocation and Tx-power assignment based on given coverage and leakage performance indicators.

    Intelligent Topology Optimisation (ITO)
    Optimise splitters and couplers in the DAS design to achieve desired power balance to each antenna/node.

    Intelligent Frequency Optimization (IFO)
    Wi-Fi focused, optimise channel allocation to each AP based on interference and coverage prediction.

    Intelligent Antenna Optimisation (IAO)
    DAS focused, intelligent antenna placement and selection in addition to power tuning.

  • WNS traffic modelling

    Ranplan Professional simulates different traffic loading conditions by populating the network with a set of mobile devices (UEs) consuming a mix of services. This reveals how the user experience and network performance may vary under different conditions and helps identify areas for network upgrades and improvements.

    • Uplink and downlink simulation of LTE, HSPA, UMTS, and Wi-Fi systems
    • DAS and independent Femto/Wi-Fi system simulation
    • SINR and best server prediction
    • Voice, video, web browsing, FTP, full buffer traffic types supported
    • Uniform and non-uniform or ‘hot spot’ UE density distributions
    • User-definable traffic maps representing variable service mixes and UE density across coverage area
    • Monte-Carlo style population of network
    • Key performance indicators include: user data rate distribution, user QoE, cell load, cell throughput distribution.
  • Complex drawing capabilities

    • Smart extract optical recognition technology and capability significantly reducing time to import CAD files and create a building environment
    • Users can rapidly draw inclined planes, atriums, stairwells, curved walls and tunnels.
  • Coverage prediction & non-spot identification

    The combination of physical environments, AP site locations and configurations with propagation prediction yields the coverage of the HetNet– the downlink signal strengths available to user terminals in any given location. Although high signal strength does not necessarily mean a good user experience, a lack of any signal certainly indicates a service outage, or ‘not spot’, which planners must avoid. Ranplan Professional overlays coverage onto the 3D outdoor and indoor areas. Where detailed indoor areas have been modelled, the indoor coverage on each floor is included.

    Prediction accuracy has been verified by numerous measurement campaigns with some of the world’s largest mobile operators and network vendors.

  • Robust & customised reporting

    • Multiple template generation and multiple language support for all reports
    • One click reporting provides users with fast and comprehensive reporting capabilities
    • Project costs reported in real-time.
  • Propagation engine

    The Ranplan Prediction Model (RPM) engine is a true indoor/outdoor, multi-resolution, fully user configurable, true 3-D ray-tracing model.

    • One of the fastest deterministic true 3D ray-tracing models
    • Accuracy of prediction within RMSE of 6dB for indoor prediction and 8dB for outdoor prediction
    • Prediction accuracy verified by industry measurement campaigns
    • Hybrid Ray Launching/Tracing Tech
    • AoA, Delay, Phase, XPD
    • Typical prediction scenario (~1 min)
    • 5 Penetration, 5 Reflection and 2 Diffraction.
    • 200m radius, 0.5m resolution.

The role and benefits of RF and performance modelling tools in the HetNet era