Ranplan Professional

Most powerful platform to plan, design and optimise your 5G in-building
and outdoor wireless networks in coordination.

Ranplan Professional is the world’s first heterogeneous wireless network planning tool supporting 5G New Radio (NR). Designed for use by an ecosystem of telecommunications companies, it allows customers to precisely and efficiently plan, design and optimise the next generation of indoor and outdoor mobile networks in coordination. Using this platform helps mobile operators reduce CAPEX/ OPEX by up to 30% and enables system integrators to increase productivity by up to 50%.

When involved in a project such as a large building, stadium or shopping centre, or other large busy venues, customers need to be confident that the tools they deploy to plan and design wireless networks take into account both the indoor and outdoor environment.

Ranplan Professional is the world’s only 5G network planning tool for indoor and combined indoor-outdoor urban environments. It simultaneously models both indoor and outdoor environments and propagation interactions between them, and intelligent algorithms takes the automation of in-building wireless network design into an unprecedented levels.

Product Capabilities

  • Indoor, outdoor to indoor, and indoor to outdoor wireless network designs
  • Modelling and digital visualisation of complex environments
  • Supports indoor solutions such as active/ passive DAS, small cells and WiFi
  • Supports 3G, 4G (LTE), 5G, IoT, Public Safety and Smart Cities

How Ranplan Professional adds value to Mobile Operators, OEMs and System Integrators

Benefits to Mobile Operators

Ranplan solutions deliver 20-30% CAPEX/OPEX savings for in-building wireless network by:

  • Accurately predicting network performance
  • Optimising network topology and selection of network elements (antennas, cables, splitters, couplers)
  • Digitalising building and network design for information integrity and easy access
  • Evaluating and verifying the network designs to eliminate network over-dimensioning

Benefits to OEMs and System Integrators

Ranplan solutions deliver over 50% increase in productivity for in-building wireless network design:

  • Best-in-class 3D building modelling
  • Intelligent algorithms for antenna, smart layout and network topology optimisation, delivering unprecedented in-building network design automation
  • Automatic generation of bill of materials
  • One-click report generation
  • Project files can be used as templates for system upgrades or other projects
  • Great assurance of network quality results in greater customer satisfaction
  • Significant completion advantages over designs using less advanced tools

Key Features

The world’s leading in-building wireless network design tool

  • Best-in-class 3D building modelling: Smart CAD extract to enable users to faithfully reconstruct imported 2D models into 3D
  • Network System Design allows users to flexibly model and design networks for a wide range of venues and environments
  • Large multi-vendor component database
  • Optimisation modules (IFO/IAO/ICO/ITO/INP/PCI planning/RSI Planning) brings the automation of in-building wireless network design to an unprecedented level
  • Wireless Network Simulator (WNS) for traffic capacity simulation
  • Fast and accurate true 3D ray-tracing/launching propagation engine optimised for complex indoor scenarios
  • A comprehensive set of reports
  • Comprehensive materials database and extensive components library

The world’s only joint indoor-outdoor HetNet planning and optimisation tool

  • Seamless integration of GIS and 3D building model
  • Simultaneous Indoor and Outdoor design, planning, prediction and capacity simulation
  • Planning/optimising indoor-outdoor HetNets in coordination
  • Unique indoor to outdoor and outdoor to indoor radio propagation calculation

Supported Technologies

Ranplan Professional is the leading 5G network planning platform, supporting:

  • Both NSA and SA deployments
  • All 5G NR frequency bands
  • Multi-layer deployments, i.e., coverage, coverage and capacity and super data layers
  • All 5G NR duplexing modes (TDD, FDD, SUL, and SDL)
  • All 5G NR numerology (e.g., sub-carrier spacing, symbol duration, CP, BW, FFT size, TTI)
  • All 7 MIMO modes (e.g., MU-MIMO and beamforming)
  • Massive MIMO and 3D-MIMO
  • Carrier aggregations (intra- and inter-band, cross-RATs)
  • Inter-working between 5G NR with 2G/3G/4G/NB-IoT/WiFi networks

Reduce network design time by up to 50%

Significantly reduce the time it takes to build 3D models of buildings and get on with the actual network planning phase.

With Ranplan Professional users can autogenerate buildings into 3D from auto CAD files, a handy feature that speeds up the design phase. This is ideal when dealing with multiple and large complex 3D building models as they can be easily imported and reconstructed by semi-automatically extracting objects such as walls and windows, eliminating manual intervention. This increases the users’ efficiency and reduces the cost of planning and designing the indoor network.

  • Smart CAD extract enables users to faithfully reconstruct imported 2D models into 3D
  • Network System Design allows users to flexibly model and design networks for a wide range of venues and environments
  • Intelligent Network Design increases automation of network designs
  • Large multi-vendor component database

Automate and faithfully recontruct 3D model build

Accurately predict and optimise coverage and traffic capacity prior to deployment

With Ranplan Professional users can deliver ultra-reliable 4G and 5G networks that will cope with increased indoor data consumption in dense urban environments.

Use Ranplan’s true 3D ray-tracing engine and enhanced virtualisation features to produce realistic visual simulations of the planned indoor and outdoor wireless network coverage. Users can test the network to see if it will be able to cope with the expected level of traffic on multiple devices by using the capacity simulator that will also examine the user experience and network performance.

  • True 3D ray-tracing engine
  • 3D Beamforming, massive MIMO and 3D MIMO
  • Millimetre Wave
  • Automatic optimisation modules (IFO/IAO/ICO/ITO/INP/PCI Planning/RSI Planning)
  • Wireless Network Simulator (WNS) for traffic capacity simulation

Simulate in-building and dense urban environment coverage

Generate customisable reporting

Monitor and track project delivery. Use Ranplan Professional to gain real-time actionable insight on how your wireless network projects are progressing.

It’s essential once complex and big budget projects are underway to be able to monitor their progress to ensure that they are on track to meet the customers’ specifications and defined KPIs. The powerful reporting tools in Ranplan Professional enable users to generate customisable reports to show project status. Changes made to designs are automatically updated in the report viewer in real-time.

  • Multiple template generation and multiple language support
  • Project costs reported in real-time
  • One-click comprehensive report
  • 9 types of equipment and budget reports
  • EMF compliance report
  • Print Network System Design and Floor Layout Design

Generate customisable reports

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