Ranplan In-Building Lite

A simple and cost-effective in-building
wireless network design tool

Ranplan In-Building Lite is an agile tool that enables RF engineers to cost effectively and quickly design in-building networks for small or medium size enterprise projects. With access to Ranplan’s 3D propagation engine, Intelligent Technology Optimisation technology and automation tools, users can significantly reduce the time it takes to design networks for even the most challenging environments requiring ubiquitous coverage.

Product Capabilities

  • Supports indoor solutions such as passive DAS, small cells and WiFi
  • Supports multiple technologies such as 3G, 4G (LTE), 5G NR and IoT
  • Accurate in-building network coverage prediction
  • Ideal for designing indoor Public Safety wireless networks

Key features

The world’s leading in-building wireless network design tool

  • Best-in-class 3D building modelling: Smart CAD extract enable users to faithfully reconstruct imported 2D models into 3D
  • Network System Design allows users to flexibly model and design networks for a wide range of venues and environments
  • Large multi-vendor component database
  • Optimisation modules (ITO) bring the automation of in-building wireless network design to an unprecedented level
  • Fast and accurate true 3D ray-tracing/launching propagation engine optimised for complex indoor scenarios
  • A comprehensive set of reports
  • Comprehensive materials database and extensive components library

Supported Technologies

Ranplan In-Building Lite is the leading 5G network planning platform, supporting:

  • Both NSA and SA deployments
  • All 5G NR frequency bands
  • Multi-layer deployments, i.e., coverage, coverage and capacity, super data layers
  • All 5G NR duplexing modes (TDD, FDD, SUL, SDL)
  • All 5G NR numerology (e.g., sub-carrier spacing, symbol duration, CP, BW, FFT size, TTI)
  • All 7 MIMO modes (e.g., MU-MIMO and beamforming)
  • Massive MIMO and 3D-MIMO
  • Carrier aggregations (intra- and inter-band, cross-RATs)
  • Inter-working between 5G NR with 2G/3G/4G/NB-IoT/WiFi networks

Accelerate in-building network delivery

Use Ranplan In-Building Lite to speed up and simplify the process of planning in-building public safely wireless networks.

Take advantage of the Intelligent Topology Optimisation (ITO) module in Ranplan In-Building Lite to automatically and efficiently optimise the physical topology of an in-building network. Using the ITO assists users in obtaining the optimal network layout in terms of cable route and number of components used. This leads to significant time savings during the planning phase of a project.

  • Passive DAS, small cells, non-fiber based public safety
  • Automatic cable length measurements
  • Duplicated system design between floors of the same building
  • Intelligent Design Module
  • Multi-vendor component database
  • 3D modelling to simulate plans before physical deployment

Create passive DAS system

Validate indoor coverage prior to deployment

Use the most advanced RF propagation models to be sure that your public safety networks will deliver reliability in times of an emergency.

Use Ranplan’s 3D ray tracing propagation engine to validate indoor coverage designs prior to physical deployment to ensure that signal strength meets customers’ KPIs. This will save time and cost in having to do any required subsequent upgrades.

  • True 3D ray-tracing engine
  • Define candidate and target regions KPIs (signal, throughput, leakage)
  • Supports designs for passive DAS, small cells and WiFi

Simulate indoor coverage

Track a project’s progress and monitor costs

Use the automated features in Ranplan In-Building Lite to ensure projects remain on track and meets customers’ requirements.

The reporting editor allows users such as network planners/designers, equipment installers, project estimators, project managers and related personnel with a convenient and fast way of producing relevant reports at the simple click of a button. As reports are automated, any changes made to projects are automatically updated in the reporting viewer in real time.

  • Equipment lists, equipment budget reports, bill of materials and other customisable reports
  • Cable routing report & cross-reference report
  • Antenna EIRP report and Antenna Link Budget report
  • EMF compliance report
  • Print Network System Design and Floor Layout Design

Generate detailed reports

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