Ranplan Collaboration Hub

Increase effective team collaboration and
better manage project delivery

Ranplan Collaboration Hub is a Cloud-based and easy-to-use project management and workflow tool that allows managers and onsite engineers to manage projects in real-time from inception through to deployment and maintenance.

Product Capabilities

  • 2D & 3D project visualisation
  • Customisable dashboards & reports
  • Device database management
  • Seamlessly interoperates with Ranplan Professional and Collaboration Hub

Visualise your projects in 3D

Get a realistic view of your project in its environment with sharp satellite imagery that will give you improved situational awareness.

Being able to visualise a project in 2 or 3D gives a sense of perspective of the undertaking. Collaboration Hub enables users to get a 2D and 3D view floor designs, complete network system designs, as well as run advanced propagation simulations to check planned network performance.

  • 2D & 3D visualisation of building model and system design
  • Multiple reporting and language capability
  • Reports exportable into common formats

3D visualisation of network project in wider environment

Streamline workflow management and improve team collaboration

Keep teams aligned to the overall project objectives by using one platform. This tool ensures that managers are in control of complex, fast-paced projects with a distributed workforce.

Knowing where you are at a given point in a network design project is essential to ensure you can monitor costs and have resources in place to make sure that the project is delivered on time and on budget. The workflow management function with Collaboration Hub identifies all the milestones and stages in a project, and highlights the current status in red colour for easy viewing.

  • Workflow control management for multiple projects
  • Easy file sharing to enable collaboration between different team members
  • Sync a project from the Cloud

Simple project workflow scenario

Get 360° view of your project status

Gain insight into any issues likely to affect any milestones and take preventative action. With Ranplan Collaboration Hub you can visualise team and project progress, project status and monitor costs and take appropriate actions to ensure your project stays on track.

As Collaboration Hub is a Cloud-based platform this means that project teams can access, edit and share files anytime, anywhere, speeding up productivity and delivery. Users can also easily create, edit and assign projects, and managers can track project activity, costs, resources and equipment used.

  • Asset management of network equipment
  • Automatic project modification and history tracking
  • Synchronised with Ranplan Professional

Customisable dashboards

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