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Optimising seamless hand-in and out for Enterprise Small Cells

22nd March 2017

One of the areas of confusion and even misinformation relates to control of calls when entering and leaving a building. In the early days of 3G femtocells, hand-in wasn’t supported and hand-out was more by luck than judgment. The situation has evolved considerably by enhancement of the 3G standards and inherent features within the 4G standard. A combination of improved…

Ranplan: indoor-outdoor network mapping startup claims big lead

20th March 2017

We sat down with Alastair Williamson, CEO of Ranplan, to find out what was what with the Wireless Network Simulator (WNS) software startup. Born out of a rather academic research project in 2006, the company took a leap of faith in 2012 – moving into developing a product based on its findings. This gave birth to iBuildNet, a software offering…

Ranplan CEO says emerging firms are better equipped to meet niche requirements

10th March 2017

Alistair Williamson, CEO of UK-based firm Ranplan who specialize in developing tools that plan both indoor and combined indoor and outdoor RF wireless network, says there’s been a “shift from just the traditional exhibitors to new emerging technology Companies participating ” at Mobile World Congress. This year, he said, speaking to Telecom Review, large operators, vendors, and system integrators are…

Demand For Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Drives Global Growth At Ranplan

27th February 2017

New generation of RF planning and optimisation tools The original purpose of mobile networks was to provide voice coverage when users were away from their offices or homes. This has been well served by outdoor macro networks, which could largely be planned and deployed using established outdoor RF analysis and planning tools. But the shift to mobile data has increased…

Radio Planning for a Smart World

27th February 2017

Cities are getting smarter and our lives are becoming more connected. At the same time as we come to expect anytime, anywhere access to broadband, there is a growing demand to connect more things. If we believe the hype, the Internet of Things (IoT) will see M2M traffic increase exponentially over the next decade, with predictions of 30 billion connected…