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The need for reliable public safety network performance is of paramount importance in times of disasters, as emergency services depend on reliable, powerful and continuous network coverage both indoor and outdoor.

Ranplan Professional is a powerful software that can simulate network performance in urban and dense urban environments, enabling mobile operators to effectively design a reliable public safety network utilising existing and new technologies to ensure the network is failsafe – a necessity in emergency services.

Customer value:

  • Faster modelling times
  • Reliably plan and design mission critical networks both indoor and outdoor, with support for technologies, including Tetra, P25, and TEDS
  • Advanced 3D modeling for staircases, basements, lifts and underground parking
  • Existing support for for public safety migration to LTE
  • Customisable reports to supports all standards and requirements
  • Quickly and easily produce project deliverables to engage all stakeholders and obtain approvals.