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Stadiums, places where tens of thousands of people converge for major events, are a network planning challenge. Spectators seek to share live experiences with their friends and families online, and sponsors reach out to spectators with numerous promotional offers and competitions.

Shopping malls and airports are also large, complex buildings that need to deliver continuous connectivity for thousands of people constantly on the go at various times of the day and using multiple devices and different networks.

Ranplan Professional allows customers to effectively plan, design, evaluate and future-proof capacity sensitive networks for various venues, taking into account large throughput of visitors.

Customer value:

  • Reduce modelling time by up to 50%
  • Fast drawing capability – quickly model complex environmental features such as inclines and curved surfaces
  • Accurate and realistic network capacity planning using Ranplan’s Wireless Networks Simulator (WNS)
  • Full life cycle management of stadiums, airports and shopping malls
  • Improve efficiency for maintenance or upgrade
  • Support of multiple operators and technologies
  • Multi-layered network performance evaluations.