5G Networks

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5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks developed in response to the increase in mobile broadband use, offering faster speeds, increased reliability and enhanced device-to-device support for multimedia applications, IoT, broadcast services and other communications.

As network requirements change it becomes increasingly important to be able to plan networks with the latest simulation and predictive modelling technology. Ranplan Professional is the next generation software solution for planning and designing smarter indoor and outdoor wireless networks for all technologies across all environments.

Customer value:

  • True 3D ray-tracing model covering frequency bands upto 100 GHz supporting anticipated 5G spectrum
  • Support of massive MIMO
  • Materials database containing detailed material profiles up to 60 GHz, including transmission loss, reflection and refraction values
  • Support of beam forming
  • Allows user to evaluate different 5G solutions including vRAN, virtualised small cell and IoT.